TEDxGlasgowCaledonianUniversity named their conference ‘Unfolding Good Together’ to commemorate Glasgow Caledonian University as the University for the Common Good, and to combine all the four attributes that represent the university and the idea of contributing to the common good as a unified body.



Deeprose Lecture Hall
Govan Mbeki Building
Glasgow Caledonian University



Saturday, 12th October 2019



9AM - 5PM

Glasgow Caledonian University explains that the common good consists of four essential attributes, Active and Global Citizenship, Entrepreneurial Mind-set, Responsible Leadership, and Confidence.

Active and Global Citizenship: Addressing global and social changes and contributing to local, national and global communities.

Entrepreneurial Mind-set: Recognising opportunities for change through creating effective solutions in response to solving real world problems. 

Responsible Leadership: Generating ethical, visionary, realistic and sustainable solutions that project empathy, resilience and professionalism. national and globalrship

Generating ethical, visionary, realistic and sustainable solutions that project empathy,
resilience and professionalism.https://www.tedxglasgowcaledonianuniversity.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=287&action=elementor#
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Constantly challenging yourself, learning from past experiences, and believing in yourself
that you can make positive changes through the actions you take


The TEDxGlasgowCaledonianUniversity Team started off in the Spring of 2019 when the First Licence Holder, Robert Radev, started off the journey by gathering our team, which is built of himself, our Co-Organiser, Martyna Kowalek, and our ambitious group of over 30 student volunteers whom they oversee within 6 divisions.

The team is responsible for organising the inaugural edition of our TEDx conference with intentions of promoting different views on ideas and concepts, which will be held at Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturday, 12th October 2019.


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